Introducing Our Dealership

For decades, Jeremy Holden has been a Morgan enthusiast. Having raced them, restored them and even crashed a few of them, Jeremy's interest in classic Morgans spans back to 1968 when, as a boy, he became besotted by a yellow Plus 8 on the cover of Motorsport Magazine.

In 1978, Jeremy and his father met with Peter Morgan regarding a bumper they had produced for a range of Morgans and from there, a long lasting business relationship developed. And it's not just Jeremy who is passionate about this iconic car. Workshop manager Adam Jones first met Jeremy when he was still a lad, having turned up at Holden Vintage & Classic with a set of Morgan gauges that required restoration for a personal project. He too has enjoyed a lifelong interest in Morgan cars and is always keen to share his enthusiasm with customers and colleagues alike. 
With the convenience of being just ten miles from the Morgan factory, and given the Holden Team's personal history with the Morgan Motor Company itself, it's no wonder that both Holden Vintage and Classic and Morgan have decided to join forces to create Holden-Morgan.

So what does Holden-Morgan offer? Well, firstly, there is a fantastic showroom in the historic motoring town Bromyard, displaying a number of Morgan cars, all available for purchase. You'll also be able to organise a test drive, visit the Morgan factory, and benefit from a comprehensive service package.

So, if you are interested in becoming a Morgan owner, or are an existing owner with a requirement, the team at Holden-Morgan will be happy to assist you.

Jeremy Holden