Here at Holden Morgan we have a passionate team that between them has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to repairing, restoring and servicing Morgan cars.

We offer all levels of servicing including pre-MOT checks, medium and full service options with all work undertaken by skilled technicians and backed by genuine Morgan parts and accessories.  We pride ourselves on ensuring a fast turnaround at a competitive price whilst maintaining the highest quality standards at all times.

Having the insight to see the bigger picture is also something that we are mindful of so we will also contact you if we discover anything that we feel needs addressing over and above the work-scope for which the car was originally booked in.

Morgan test drive event

Holden Morgan Service Plans

Health Check - £95

  • Operation of lights, wipers, washers
  • Condition of brake pipes and lines, aux and drive belts
  • Exhaust system
  • Coolant content
  • Battery condition
  • Visually inspect and report on brake pads and discs, tyre condition and tread depths
  • Check and set tyre pressures
  • Pressure test coolant system
  • Check suspension dampers
  • Check and report on handbrake operation
  • Carry out road test

Brake Fluid Change - £100

Bronze - £195

  • Health check
  • Drain and refill Engine Oil *
  • Remove and replace Oil Filter
  • Fit new Sump Plug Washer (where fitted)
  • Reset Service Indicator
  • Stamp Service Book

Silver - £275


  • Remove and Replace Air Filter
  • Remove and Replace Pollen Filter
  • Check and Adjust Idle Speed

Gold - £395


  • Remove and Replace Fuel Filter (where fitted)
  • Remove and Replace Spark Plugs**
  • Drain and Refill Coolant
  • Check and Grease All Hinges, Catches and Suspension (where required)

The above pricing is based on a 2.0 litre 4 cylinder vehicles, extra charges will apply to vehicles with large capacity and additional cylinders.
Genuine or manufacturer approved parts will be used where available and appropriate.
Any additional cost will be discuss and agreed with the customer prior to us proceeding with any work.
*Standard grade oils used, higher grade or specialist oils can be used but will incur an additional cost
**Standard spark plugs will be used, Platinum Plugs can be fitted at extra cost.

Morgan Service Enquiry Form

If you are interested in having your Morgan serviced please complete the form below and we will be in touch to arrange your service.