Jeremy Holden
Founder & Owner

Jeremy Holden

An engineer by training and passion with a leaning to automotive both personally and professionally.

Working in the automotive supply chain ranging from the manufacture of specialist machine tools for OE manufactures from Aston Martin, Audi, Jensen, Rover, Rolls Royce, and Porsche to name a few.

More recently as Chairman of Holden Aluminium Worcester the company supplying DB9 chassis to Aston Martin, Lotus Elise Chassis and Mini Bumpers to VW.

Running alongside and about to enter its 30th year Holden Vintage and Classic. The company started by Jeremy through a passion for classic cars and the opportunity to create a company specialising in the supply and production of Lucas electrical components.

In 1989 Jeremy realised a lifelong ambition and purchased his first Plus 8, everyday transport for two years and then hill climbed, raced and rallied. First of five Plus 8's most of which modified for racing or rallying.

When the opportunity to become the Midland Morgan Agent dawned, via a mysterious set of circumstances, Jeremy decided it was too good an opportunity to miss and set the wheels in motion.  If Jeremy is as successful in this venture as he has been with that of Holden Vintage and Classic, the dealership will go from strength to strength.